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Altitude 365 | Our mission is to understand businesses needs and through the clouds benefits transform employees into productive heroes, so they can focus on what they do best! As part of our quest to turn “employees into productive heroes”, we have designed a variety of Workshops, all with the purpose to support your digitizing journey in an inspiring and efficiently way.

Our workshops are divided into three categories; The Modern Workplace, The Modern Data Center, and Compliance With Regulations And Protection Against Modern Threats. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can always contact us for a customized experience!?

Get started with Power BI and create valuable insights!

Our workshop about Power BI addresses to you who want simple insights! We will look at tools that you already have access to and during the workshop we will work with real data from your environment. Our experience is that it not only makes it easier to access the information but also that you subsequently have a direct value from the material we create.

We review how Power BI works on the web and build reports together with Power BI Desktop.

Suitable receiver

This workshop addresses to both IT department and business, and may include participants from several business areas. If you are interested in BI, it is of course a big advantage, but we can also work with visualization of everything from accounts and devices to license costs.

What do you get?

The purpose of this workshop is to provide sufficient knowledge to enable you to independently work on Power BI Desktop and effectively understand and be able to utilize Power BI within Microsoft 365. After completion of the workshop, you will bring with you material that gives a direct value in your business. The material may vary slightly depending on what kind of data you are interested in visualizing. The following materials are included:

Completed Power BI files to continue with, dashboards with key figures on what you chose to visualize, knowledge about how to use Power BI in the web, knowledge about how you access all data through your mobiles, related services, etc.

Time & place

Total time is half a day at your location or over Skype/Teams. We can also have a whole day, but it requires that you have a good understanding of what you want to visualize right from the start. For half a day, no preparation is required from your side.

Modern Workplace
IT & Business
Your/Our Office or Remote
1 Day

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