About our Workshops

Altitude 365 | Our mission is to understand businesses needs and through the clouds benefits transform employees into productive heroes, so they can focus on what they do best! As part of our quest to turn “employees into productive heroes”, we have designed a variety of Workshops, all with the purpose to support your digitizing journey in an inspiring and efficiently way.

Our workshops are divided into three categories; The Modern Workplace, The Modern Data Center, and Compliance With Regulations And Protection Against Modern Threats. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can always contact us for a customized experience!​

Touch & Feel Microsoft Teams!

You may have already installed Office 365 but feel that there are tools in the toolbox as you do not really know how to use. During this workshop we go through how the tools can be used to streamline your work and in addition increase quality. The workshop will among other include:

  • Overview Office 365
  • Clients for Teams
  • The perfect scenario for Teams
  • Practical use
  • Integrate with Teams
  • Examples of how Teams can be introduced in your organization
  • Security 

Suitable receiver

This Workshop is suited for Power users, such as champions if you have a champion-program and staff at the IT department. We can also customize the day based on audience.

What do you get?

The purpose of the Workshop is to create an understanding of how Teams can streamline your everyday work. You can use the workshop as a training day there the participants bring the knowledge home and spread them further in your organization, or so do you use it as a decisive basis for an implementation project? This is an ”on hands” based workshop with only a limited material in shape of PowerPoints etc, but what is shown will be available after completion of the Workshop.

Time & place

Total time is one day which will take place at your office or over Skype / Teams, though this Workshop is often the most effective if carried out at your Place.​

Modern Workplace
IT & Business
Your/Our Office or Remote
1 Day

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Work more efficiently with Teams
15.000,00 kr Workshop / Workshop