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Pricing & Add-ons

Cloud Usage and Adoption by Altitude 365

We have created a report presenting usage and adoption in your Microsoft 365 environment.
The report gathers data across all workloads and scales it down to relevant information showing the actual usage of services within the organization and where there is potential for improvement.
This helps organizations to fully use their investment in online services!

Our report gives you a full view of the usage and adoption levels within your organization.
You will be able to compare the adoption levels across various user groups and it will help you find areas to improve and develop. We have applied a score value, 0 to 5, on each service to give you a visual view that is easy to understand. A high score value equals high productivity for your organization. 

You can track the usage and adoption level all the way down to an individual level. Based on the findings and usage patterns you can do targeted training for groups of individuals, departments etc. to boost the usage and adoption. If you have similar departments, you might find that one of them has a high maturity grading for Teams for example. You can use this information in order to have that department help other similar departments in their own work towards greater usage of the online services.
We have implemented a range of suggested actions based on the usage patterns.
It analyzes patterns of use, and the list of suggested actions will be updated continuously on a monthly basis, cleaning out suggestions that are no longer applicable.
For example you can drill down to view a list of users that uses Teams on the computer, but are inactive for Teams on mobile:

Why Cloud Usage and Adoption by Altitude 365?

Why pay when Microsoft provides an adoption report for free?
Our report does not only present the data in a raw format but gives you valuable insights.
The insights are based on assessing the data in Office 365 and converting the numbers to useful information you can take action on! You could say that we’ve taken our experience and assumptions and quantified them into the report for your convenience.


We gather the data through sources in Graph-API by Microsoft using a service principle in Azure AD. All data is stored in an encrypted Azure database, separated and stored by customer in different tables.
The data is gathered daily and updates the Power BI report. The report is published to a dedicated area in our environment and shared with appointed persons within your organization.

What you get

The report consists of a number of pages presenting different focus areas.
You start by setting the overall filters to base the report on relevant information.
The report will then present a summarized info based on the requested filters, and from here you can drill down the information. You can view the usage per workload or user groups, find your champions, get suggestions on actions to increase the usage and adoption and more!

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